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GSA Pricing

Purchase Security Products and Services from ATS Using the GSA Contract

ATS has been awarded a Federal GSA contract for Infinias and Exacq hardware as well as a full line of services. ATS is also an authorized Government Reseller for the full line of Pelco and CBC (Computar/Ganz) products. Both of these lines may be purchased from ATS using their respective GSA contract numbers.

ATS Service Pricing

SIN Labor Category Reg Rate OT Rate
246 50 L-SV-INST - Installation/Support $75.56 $113.34
246 50 L-SV-CFG - Configuration $95.71 $143.57
246 50 L-SV-PM - Project Manager $120.90 $181.35
246 50 L-SV-PC - PC/Client Installation * $261.95
246 50 L-SV-SERVER - Server Installation * $997.43

* Fixed rate service. Not hourly

Product Pricing

ATS GSA Contract # GS-07F-0482W
ExacqVision Video Surveillance, Infinias Intelli-M Access Control, ATS Services

Pelco GSA Contract # GS-07F-9323S
Pelco Cameras, Video Servers, ATS Services
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  • Quotes issued from ATS will include the respective GSA Contract number.
  • ALL Purchase Orders must reference the GSA Contract number.
  • NOTE - If more than one GSA Contract number is quoted, separate Quotes and separate Purchase Orders must be issued for each GSA Contract number used.
  • All invoices from ATS will include the respective GSA Contract number.

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