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General Ledger

AdaptToSolve's Chameleon General Ledger module is a financial reporting system that allows the user to view/create financial statements at any time. Flexibility is a key part of the Chameleon line of software. The user-defined Chart of Accounts allows you to use your current chart of accounts, reducing the disruption usually involved with financial software changeovers. It also allows you to design your own financial reports to fit your business.

Although the Chameleon General Ledger application may be used as a stand-alone module, it is most robust when used in conjunction with AdaptToSolve's other Chameleon modules such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll. Automatic posting from these modules reduces time and potential errors when creating journal entries. You may view reports at any time without posting, allowing the user to review the current status of the company and to spot any potential errors.

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