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Utility Billing

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  • No limit on # of companies
  • Security and Password Setup by Company


  • Password Protected
  • User has the ability to change his/her password at any time
  • Security privileges are assigned on a group instead of an individual level making maintenance easier
  • A user may belong to multiple groups
  • Allows for view only rights for those users who do not have the rights to update/change information
  • Ability to maintain multiple security levels for multiple companies on one user ID


  • Unlimited number of services
  • Services are user-defined - Practically any service can be defined
  • Flat Fee Services (i.e. - Sanitation, Recycling, Internet, )
  • Usage Services (i.e. - Water, Gas, Electric, )
  • Based on Usage Services (i.e. - Sewer)

Customer Information

  • System-generated customer account number or use your old id as lookup reference
  • Customer Name and contact information
  • National & International address forms
  • SSN, DL#, Green Card, etc
  • Unlimited customer comments/notes
  • User-definable comment/notes types
  • User-definable customer types
  • Bad Check management - keeps repeat bad check offenders from being able to make a check payment
  • Maintain customer Payment Terms with user defined terms codes
  • Several Customer statuses including Regular Customer, Final Billed, In Collections, etc
  • Complete transaction history, location history, collections history, etc
  • Unlimited history. History remains with customer until purged
  • Maintain separate addresses for billing, service address and forwarding address
  • Allows user to create personalized payment schedules for customers with overdue balances
  • Automatically move customer out of one property and into another with one step
  • Specify whether or not customer is subject to taxes, late charges, bill prints, etc
  • Maintain customer's banking information for automatic withdrawal or credit card payments

Billing Management

  • Bill using user-defined billing groups
  • Bill late fees using flat rate or percentages as defined on the rate - customer can be billed both flat and percentage on same bill
  • Automatically create cut-off list for customers who haven't paid by deadline
  • Create statements for zero balance customers if requested
  • Pro-rate first and final bills
  • In the case of a mid-cycle meter change-out, the system will add the usage together before billing to ensure the customer is billed for excessive use if that is something the utility bills for
  • Final bill a single customer at any time during the cycle
  • Print a billing register prior to posting/ printing bills
  • Unlimited # of comments printed to the statement - specify per customer, customer type, route, etc

Service Location Management

  • Route and sequence management
  • Document Longitude and Latitude and other info for GIS interface
  • User-defined location types
  • User-defined location statuses
  • Maintain meter directions
  • Maintain lien information
  • Unlimited # of services on a location
  • Document and maintain property owner information if rental property
  • Maintain directions to the property

Deposit Management

  • Maintain original amount charged
  • Track amount paid and remaining balance
  • Deposit Refund processing - either manually or apply to final bill

Rate Management

  • Unlimited number of user-defined rates
  • Flat Rates
  • Allows for minimum rates
  • Allows for base rates
  • Allows for tiered usage rates
  • Define late charges (flat or percentage) on a per rate basis
  • Maintains log of rate changes
  • Rate changes are date sensitive, so the user may set up a rate prior to the effective date
  • Variance calculations set on a service or rate basis
  • Variance calculations made using a daily average
  • Post base rate and usage rates to different GL accounts

Adjustment Options

  • Allow for miscellaneous charges/adjustments
  • Process Returned Checks with or without user-defined fee as required by utility
  • Process Refunds
  • Bad Debt Write-off
  • Reverse payment, invoices, adjustments, etc
  • Security on the adjustment level so that if required, adjustments do not post to the account without manager approval

Notices and Labels

  • Late Notices
  • Cut-off Notices
  • Customer mailing labels
  • Returned Check Notices
  • Utility-defined miscellaneous notices

Meter Management

  • Individual Meter Number
  • Meter Number
  • Meter Size/Type
  • Meter Manufacturer
  • Begin Reading Date
  • Meter change-out dates
  • Various Interfaces; manual, touch-read and radio-read, other AMR
  • Location Install History
  • Enter meter change-outs as they occur without mid-cycle billing
  • System interfaces with third party meter reading software
  • Maintains reading history, location install history, customer history, etc
  • Ability to manage meter inventory

Payment Management

  • Integrated Cashiering can take payments for all your cash functions and interface to other systems
  • Cashiering shows customer balance and quick link to customer transaction history (including work orders, comments, etc.)
  • User-defined payment types
  • Receipt printing
  • Cash Drawer Opening/Closing
  • Automated cash drawer balancing
  • Automatic bank-draft payments via ACH (Automated Clearing House)
  • Alerts such as "Bad Check" or "Scheduled for Cut-off" on payment screen for cashier information
  • Accept combination payment such as half cash, half check without having to process two payments and two receipts
  • Supports batch payment entry for door mail
  • Support lockbox payment entry
  • Supports payment import from processing machines, on-line payment services and other sources
  • Allows user to manually apply payment or use utility-defined application rules (i.e. - oldest first, water charges first, etc.)
  • Detailed payment report for balancing
  • Interfaces with cashdrawers and will automatically kick the drawer on payment processing

Tax Management

  • User-defined taxes
  • Ability to have multiple taxes on one statement

Work Order Management

  • Work Orders automatically generated from meter reader as well as manually created by users
  • Work orders automatically created when final bill is processed
  • Work Order # automatically generated
  • Unlimited number of user-defined work order tasks
  • Ability to assign work order to a specified user or department
  • Various methods of printing production work orders; by task in route/seq order; in route/seq order only, etc
  • Ability to assign service charges with a specified work order task
  • Work order status tracking
  • Work orders worked via handheld devices
  • If handheld devices used, work orders and subsequent system work (i.e. - meter change-out) completed automatically
  • Work orders maintained on customer history or user may lookup work order using work order number, work order task, order date, etc
  • Completing work order automatically pull meters, close work order, enter reading into reading table, etc
  • Ability to create work order from customer history screen - user does not have to minimize or leave what he/she is working on in order to create work order


  • Billing Registers
  • Statement Registers
  • Payment Registers
  • Adjustment Reports
  • Aged Balance Report
  • Company Balance Report
  • Distribution Report
  • Meter Inventory Report
  • Work Order Report
  • Cut Notice list
  • Customer Lists
  • Etc.
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